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George C. Creal, Jr. is a trial lawyer with 17 years of courtroom experience.  With over 100 not guilty jury verdicts under his belt, George knows how to convince a jury that the State has not proven his client guilty of DUI beyond a reasonable doubt.  Prosecutors know that when George puts his name on a case that they have a fight on their hands.  His reputation for hard work, thoroughness, and willingness to announce "ready for trial" means that George can get cases reduced or dismissed that other lawyers would plead guilty. 


New fees for sending in a License Letter: they are not raising taxes if they just raise fees. 13-May-2010

Legislative Update: DUI Arrestee Driver's License Tax. When you are arrested for DUI in Georgia, generally you must send a letter to save your Georgia..

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Georgia DUI Lawyers

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George C. Creal, Jr., P.C. is a law firm committed to the aggressive defense of DUI charges and other criminal offenses,  Our mission as a DUI law firm is protecting the rights of and doing justice for people charged with DUI offenses or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Georgia.  Our firm has handled thousands of DUI cases.  We have successfully tried scores of DUI cases to not guilty verdicts in DUI jury trials and had hundreds of cases reduced from DUI to non-DUI traffic offenses. We have the experience to win; know the DUI Court system in Georgia; know who DUI prosecutors are and how they think; understand the DUI judges; and persistently and diligently pursue every legal issue in our efforts to create opportunities for our clients that result in dismissed charges,  the prevention of a career ending conviction, job loss and saved professional licenses and obtained professional help for those with addiction issues.  

With well over 25 years of combined experience, the DUI lawyers of George C. Creal, Jr., P.C. have the know how to safely steer you through the mine fields of a DUI arrest. George C. Creal, Jr. has been practicing for 17 years and has experience both defending criminal cases and working behind the scenes as the staff attorney for State Superior and Federal Court judges.

DUI Georgia: Tough New Laws

The toughest DUI laws in Georgia history were enactedt on July 1, 2009. These new "get tough on DUI" and DUI "zone tolerance" laws require even more people to serve mandatory minimum jail sentences for Georgia DUI convictions increasing the look back period for mandatory sentencing from 5 years to 10 years, felony treatment for some DUI offenses, mandatory jail sentences ranging from 24 hours to 15 days, 120 day to 5 year license suspensions, a minimum of twelve months of reporting probation, and extensive community service ranging from 40 hrs to 240 hours or 30 days!  Some Georgia DUI offenders will have to spend days if not weeks in jail, have all of their license plates confiscated, lose there driver's license for up to five years, have breath devices installed on their vehicles and be required to perform 30 days or 240 hours of community service!

New laws are currently under consideration that may require breath test devices be installed in the personal vehicles of all first time DUI offenders who blow over 0.15 as well as aggravated punishment for jail and community service.

In a Georgia DUI  arrest, there are two court systems which one must navigate: a criminal court system dealing with fines and jail time and a driver's license court system which handles periods of driver's license suspension. Further, you have ten business days to request a hearing after your Georgia DUI arrest or your driver's license will be suspended thirty days after your Georgia DUI arrest for as much as five years in some cases and before you even go to court for your DUI criminal case.   You must also send a $150.00 filing fee with your ten day letter to save your license made payable to the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

DUI Georgia: Tough new DUI Laws Make Hiring a Jury Trial tested Georgia DUI Attorney a Must

Georgia's Tough New DUI laws make legal representation a must.  Self representation in court without  lawyer will likely land you in jail without a job or a driver's license for a long time.  Can you afford not to work for a year? If not an experienced Atlanta DUI attorney will seem like a bargain. Choose to refuse and if you don't want to lose your DUI case!

Hire hard working, dedicated, determined and uncompromising Metro Area Atlanta DUI Attorneys | DUI Georgia

We take all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, Paypal and Google Checkout and have payment plans for qualified applicants. We are an established law firm here to help you. We will not plead your case guilty unless you tell us you do not want a trial.  Call us at (770) 961-5511 for a free consultation, email firm@georgialawyer.comit  or fax us a copy of your tickets or police report at (770) 961-5544.